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According to my mother, I am the best photographer in all of Bakersfield.


While my family believes that statement, I believe more in my work, and my passion for it seems to speak for itself through my camera. I picked up my first camera 18 years ago, right out of high school, and haven’t put it down since. At the time, I was also pursuing my education in teaching, but while it is a noble profession, I found that it didn’t fulfill me as much as photography. There is magic in the ability to photograph not just people, but emotions, and it is my mission to do exactly that. 


When I started my full-time photography career, I did a little bit of everything. What I found over the years, however, is that my true passion lies in maternity photography. There is no beauty quite as breathtaking as that of a mother who is carrying her unborn child. I’m so inspired by that phase of life and I truly enjoying capturing the timelessness, elegance, and even sexiness that a pregnant woman exudes. 


My portfolio also includes engagements, weddings, and newborn photography. It is my greatest pleasure to be able to capture the emotions of milestone moments through my lens. I love creating pieces of art that will decorate homes and withstand the test of time. 


In addition to photography, I also offer handmade albums made of Italian leather. The beauty is not just in the photograph, but in its presentation. My goal is to offer you an unforgettable experience, and send you home with memories that you can revisit for a lifetime.


When I’m not holding a camera, you can find me loving on my family, helping my children with their homework, cooking, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. 


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