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What is a Bridal Session?

Bridal Sessions are becoming more trending among modern brides. But what exactly is a bridal session? A bridal session is a photo shoot of you (the bride) and the groom, either before or after the wedding. So why would you have a bridal session if you already paying a photographer for the day of your wedding. Here are some points to consider.

  • So you are buying this super expensive dress (probably the most expensive dress you will ever wear) and you only wear it once. Well, a bridal session will be the perfect excuse to wear it again.

  • Your wedding day is for you to enjoy, not to dedicate the day to pictures. To obtain a good variety of pictures, you must assign time for pictures. However, there are some brides that do not want to get ready early for pictures. Moreover, they do not want to make of their wedding day a photo shoot.

  • You want to try more than one look, which is almost impossible the day of the wedding.

  • Many brides get overly stress for the wedding, which doesn't make for beautiful pictures.

  • Lets admit it, most brides are late; photographer can't get beautiful creative pictures if time is not given. If you were late for your wedding, it's never to late to have a bridal session.

  • My favarite reason to have an bridal session is that you will get beautiful pictures that are almost impossible to create the very same day of the wedding. Creative images take time which is almost never possible in an eventful day.

  • How about planning a trip out of your town to get your wedding pictures done.

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