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Wedding in Carrizo, Ca.

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege to photograph a lovely couple in Carrizo California. As I have mentioned before, traveling to different places for a shoot is one of my favorite things to do. Given that I am a rustic photographer, I see beauty everywhere I go. When I travel for a shoot I do not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, I also enjoy thinking up new ways to photograph. I always say that a photographer should never restrict themselves to the same shoot locations because it is important to exercise your creativity skills as much as you can. Why restrict yourself when there is a world full of beauty!?

The couple I shot was Sydney & David and the love that they have for each other definitely radiated through each image I had the pleasure to capture. I truly encourage anyone looking to do a shoot with me to look outside the box when it comes to choosing a location. Although I am a Bakersfield based photographer, I am more than willing to travel anywhere you'd like to make your memories more memorable.

- Gina Escamilla

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